South Carolina - District 3 includes the counties of Aiken, Edgefield, Lexington, Newberry, Richland and Saluda.  Currently there are four leagues active in the district with over 1,100 children participating.  These leagues offer fun and competitive baseball/softball to children ages 3 through 13 years old.  District 3 is very competitive in South Carolina often with a team in the State Tournament Final games.  District 3 has been well represented in Regional Baseball/Softball tournaments as the first step towards the Little League World Series games.

However, the most important part of Little League is the local leagues and their dedication to serve children of their community through mentoring, friendship, training and fun activities.  Each of the leagues are run by volunteers who have the players best interest in mind.  Be sure to learn more about each of the leagues in District 3 using the league links.

Looking for a League?    If you are in Lexington, Newberry or Richland counties there is most likely a league already for you to join.  Find your local league via LeagueFinder.  If you would like to start a new league or have your current league join the Little League family, start your process via StartALeauge and/or contact us.

Local League Registrations


Many of the leagues in District 3 are currently in their registration process for the 2016 Spring Baseball and Softball season.  Online registration is available at some leagues.  For information on what your league offers and registration information, check out our league information pages.



Safety Comes First




Safety is a top priority of Little League, District 3 and the local leagues.  Little rules and procedures are in place to keep players, coaches, umpires and all volunteers as safe as possible.  This is done through an annual safety plan program, bat regulations, pitching rules, equipment requirements and background checks.  More information available on our Safety information page.

Safety Information


FOSER is the Friends of Little League Southeastern Region.  FOSER is a volunteer organization operated by the District Administrators of the region to support the volunteers and players of the Southeastern Region.  This allows a focus on training, experiences and tools to support our leagues.  For more information or to make a donation to FOSER, visit their website at